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Key: CC = Casting Cost

Land Strategy Mana Curve
17 40 card Pre-Release / Draft N/A
<20 Very aggressive beatdown Almost exclusively 0-2cc
20 Aggressive beatdown 32 or more spells of 0-2cc; 8 spells 3cc or higher
22 Beatdown deck with utility 20-28 spells of 0-2cc; Aggro-control 10-18 spells 3cc or higher
24 Generic deck Deck w/ light 10-20 spells of 0-2cc; control or light beatdown 16-26 spells of 3cc or higher,
26 Control deck Combo deck Varies, usually some high-cc spells
28 Heavy control-oriented deck Varies, usually some high-cc Light"Land-deck" spells
30+ "Land-deck" Usually ridiculously high
36-40 EDH/Commander Depends if deck contains mana ramp cards (i.e. sol ring)