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How to Import WeakAuras

This shart guide will teach you how to capture and import a WeakAura into World of Warcraft.

  1. Select a link of any of the weak auras you wish to import (Note: the link will open in a new browser tab.)
  2. When on the webpage for a specific WeakAura, click on the ‘COPY WEAKAURA IMPORT STRING’.
  3. In World of Warcraft and out of combat, enter in the following command: /WA
  4. In the ‘WeakAuras’ window select ‘Import’ and paste in the WeakAura string by pressing CTRL+V
  5. A small window will appear, select ‘Import’ or ‘Import Group’.
  6. Done!


  • Ny’alotha Raid – Link


  • Mythic+ Interupt Tracker – Link

Horrific Visions


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