All Class General Macros

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Mouseover Mouse Macro

This macro will cast a spell on the target your mouse is hovering over. Replace ‘SPELLNAME’ with the name of the spell.

/cast [@mouseover] SPELLNAME

Use an Equiped Item

You can use an equipted item (i.e. a trinket or an engineers on use gadget) in a macro.
The graphic below is for WoW Retail & WoW Classic, replace the # in the macro with the number located on the image for the item slot.

/use #

Travelling Mount & Eject Passengers

This macro when left clicked with mount your character up on the Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth. When mounted and the macro is right clicked, it will eject both passengers. You can replace the mount name with the transmog mount name if you wish.

/cast [btn:1] Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth()
/stopmacro [btn:1]
/script EjectPassengerFromSeat(1)
/script EjectPassengerFromSeat(2)

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